Kati Preston

Speaker, Activist, Author

Susan J. Herman Award for Leadership in Holocaust Genocide Awareness

I was a hidden child, survivor of the Holocaust.

As a child in Hungary, I was saved by a simple peasant woman who hid me in the hay of the loft above a barn in a village. My whole jewish family of twenty-eight souls perished in Auschwitz.

As many survivors, I spent my years trying to achieve and justify my life. After successful careers in journalism, fashion design, and establishing an educational touring theatre, I realized that what matters most, is educating and speaking against hate and prejudice.

In the last few years, as there are so few survivors still alive, I find the need to speak out much more urgent. I speak in schools, universities, synagogues, churches, museums, libraries, and anywhere people are willing to listen.

Recently, I was honored with the Susan J. Herman award for Leadership in Holocaust and Genocide Awareness presented by the Cohen Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Keene State College.

My hope is that my speaking leaves audiences energized to stand up, fight against hate, and improve their world.

Myself and Mr. Paul Vincent, Ph.D

Community Bill of Rights for Barnstead, NH

I am so proud of Barnstead, my small New Hampshire town, passing the article establishing a community bill of rights, ensuring the right to be free from religious identification in town. The  article passed with cheers and no opposition. 

I was the sponsor of this article and spoke in favour of it. I was motivated by the recent nasty political rhetoric against Muslims.  As a Jewish child I had an identity card with Jew written on it and had to wear a yellow star. “Never Again” applies to all humanity….

Please click on the image below to read an article about our bill of rights, written by the Concord Monitor's Ella Nilsen.