Kati Preston

Speaker, Activist, Author

Why I Must Speak
I feel that it is important for me to speak about my life because I’m one of the last few survivors from that horrendous period of history, the Holocaust. I tell the children about my experience as a small child being hunted and being discriminated against, and I show them that it is possible to survive things like that and go on with your life. 


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Photo Credit:   Anura Guruge

Photo Credit: Anura Guruge

Speaking Engagement FAQ

What can the audience expect when you do your talks? 
The audience can expect a relatively positive talk. I talk about the tragedies in my life, but I also talk about the funny things. I hope to leave the children happy and not sad. I want them to feel hopeful that they, too, can do something to change the world for the better. It’s a speech of hope.

How long will it last?
The talk will last about 45 minutes. I then open it up to questions, and that can last as long as the host would like. Sometimes it’s been an hour and sometimes it’s been 10 minutes. It’s flexible.

What topics do you typically touch on?
I touch on the topics of the Holocaust, loss, suffering prejudice, bullying. Above all, however, I talk about the woman who saved my life, and the heroes in these situations.

What types of venues do you speak at?
I speak mostly at middle and high schools, sometimes colleges and universities, churches, synagogues, town halls, museums and libraries.

How much it cost to have Kati speak at my event?
Libraries (Half hour talk + Q&A) - $150
Middle Schools (1hr talk + Q&A) - $250
High Schools (1hr talk + Q&A) - $350
College / University (1hr talk + Q&A) - $450
                Other venues by arrangement